Can I teach students that do not speak English? I don’t speak Chinese!

When I am the USA people are always asking me this. Is it possible? Oh, you speak Chinese, so you can, but I don’t! One thing that most people never guess is that many they already speak some English. And even if they don’t, like small children, going through a very simple lesson plan will allow you to teach any level. Read the section on Lesson Plan Basics for more information on this.

But fact still remains; many already speak some English and want to improve on their English level. Some may only want to practice to retain what they have. Children will need to learn from the ground up. 13 year old children in many cases can already talk about simple items, and absorb quickly.

No local language is required. In fact many schools don’t want you ever to speak Chinese because it can slow the students progress.

Anyone can come to China, get a job as a teacher and teach English. The only thing that is required is effort and patience. If you can put in a little bit of effort you are good to go.