JinShanLing Great Wall China

On the Great Wall at sunset

JinShanLing Great Wall in Hebai China   MaoZeDong once visiting the Great Wall let our a saying that is used now in China often, “You are not a man until you step on the Great … [Read more...]

Baotou, Inner Mongolia, Top 5 Reasons to Visit

Saihan Tala Grasslands Yurts

BaoTou is the most populated city in Inner Mongolia and known to be booming.  The city has a few sweet spots to visit and an opportunity to see a bit of the local Mongol local ethnic minority group.  … [Read more...]

Yinchuan, Ningxia, Top 5 Reasons to Visit

XiXia Tombs 1 and 2

Yinchuan located in Ningxia is steeped in history and attractions, well worth the trip. Little known to foreigners the opportunities to explore are tremendous. One of the highlights are the ethnic … [Read more...]