How to tell counterfeit money in China


Last month I got hit at the ATMs with a few fake notes, 100RMB notes, out of an ATM!  Back at work I told my colleague about the fake notes, her quick response was “Impossible, it can’t be from an … [Read more...]

PanJiaYuan Beijings Antiques Market

Local sellers at PanJiaYuan

Beijing PanJiaYuan Antiques Market   Not too far to the south of the China International Trade Center, off of the line 10, lies a stop PanJiaYuan, or Pan Jia Yuarrr as the locals call … [Read more...]

The Know it all Taxi Drivers

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Face may be a phenomenon worldwide but in China it whacks me in the face on a regular basis, practically daily. The idea of “face” is a huge deal in China, and held to the very bitter end. It … [Read more...]

The Foreigners of China

Over the years living abroad you will encounter or run into plenty of foreigners everywhere. The funny thing is I have observed two distinct kinds of foreigners, the ones that want to talk because we … [Read more...]