How to tell counterfeit money in China


Last month I got hit at the ATMs with a few fake notes, 100RMB notes, out of an ATM!  Back at work I told my colleague about the fake notes, her quick response was “Impossible, it can’t be from an … [Read more...]

Night Snack Streets in Beijing

Scorpion Kebab

Night Snack Streets in Beijing Eating is a must when you come to China and the choices are overwhelming, what to order?  For most when they go to a local place for grub can find it challenging, … [Read more...]

JinShanLing Great Wall China

On the Great Wall at sunset

JinShanLing Great Wall in Hebai China   MaoZeDong once visiting the Great Wall let our a saying that is used now in China often, “You are not a man until you step on the Great … [Read more...]

China World Tower 3 a view from the TOP

China World Tower 3 View to the North

China World Tower 3 a view from the top   China World Tower 3 Beijing China Last week I had client come from England, after a trip to the typical spots, Tiananman, snack streets, Hutongs, … [Read more...]

How to Navigate the Silk Market in Beijing China

Silk Market

How to navigate the silk market in Beijing Have you ever been to a place where almost everything is knockoff and no prices are set? Welcome to shopping in China, where if you don’t know the price … [Read more...]

Huludao, Liaoning, Top 5 Reasons to Visit

Fishing village in Juehuadao

Huludao is located in Liaoning province in the northeast of China known as "Dong Bei".  Huludao is blessed with a great location on the beach with multiple nice beaches to hang out in the summer.  It … [Read more...]

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Top 5 Reasons to Visit

Local working on his Calligraphy on the street

Hohhot the capital of Inner Mongolia means Blue Sky in Mongolian.  Like many other places in Inner Mongolia you will get a chance to see the Mongolian ethnic group influence on the architecture and … [Read more...]

Baotou, Inner Mongolia, Top 5 Reasons to Visit

Saihan Tala Grasslands Yurts

BaoTou is the most populated city in Inner Mongolia and known to be booming.  The city has a few sweet spots to visit and an opportunity to see a bit of the local Mongol local ethnic minority group.  … [Read more...]

Yinchuan, Ningxia, Top 5 Reasons to Visit

XiXia Tombs 1 and 2

Yinchuan located in Ningxia is steeped in history and attractions, well worth the trip. Little known to foreigners the opportunities to explore are tremendous. One of the highlights are the ethnic … [Read more...]

Jue Hua Island, China’s north coast

Local North East Chinese style prepared fish

Juehuadao an island off of Huludao, Liaoning Province, China, is the first fishing village I have come across in China. Chinese people have said ‘there are no fishing villages’ but wiki dares to say … [Read more...]