China Visas

Visa, you will absolutely need on to come to China, and possibly a different one to live in China. The way visas operate here is not always cut and clear, here are some tips of what goes on, in schools, companies, universities and for travelers in China.

There are four kinds of common visas, as explained below, but not all are always used for what they SHOULD be used for, and I will try to sum up how all these fun players operate these here.

L Visa – this is a standard travel visa, what you will more than likely pick up on your way to China. In genearl most people get a one month L, and it seems to depend on where you are applying how “nice” they will be about the length. I have heard in New York only one month L is common, while in San Francisco a 3 month multiple entry for one year is common. No clue how this works, but have heard it many time. Legally you should not be teaching or working on this visa, but many do.

Z Visa – This is the official working visa, sometimes a bit hard to obtain. I have heard of many getting rejected for this, and more news on this underneath. For this Visa you “officially” need to have two years working experience in your field. Say you are going to do a marketing job, well your resume should have two years experience at home. Now I say officially because many people, and companies, fudge the resume, say you were unemployed for 1 year, well now you were a marketing executive at some company. Is it wrong to fudge? If you want to live in China get used to it, it’s insanely common everywhere. So, for Z you need two years experience, degree that is preferably in a matching area, you will need to clear a health check (basically checking for major diseases), good resume and you are good to go. This process I have seen take anywhere from 3 months to 9 months. Also to note, with a Z visa you will pay tax. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILED INFO ON WORKING Z VISAS

X Visa – simple, this is issued as a study visa, and you will need an invitation letter from your school. In general this lasts 6 months to one year depending on how long you study.

F Visa – The trickiest of all, this is the business visa that half the English teachers are usually on. It gives long durations, 3 months to 12 months, but can be costly. Legally you are not supposed to have a full time job, but it is very common to have this visa.