Dodgy Schools

Kinds of schools in China vary. The international Chains like EF, Disney, Berlitz can all be trusted and they will pay you.

Then you have the small majority of small dodgy schools. These schools are the ones you will hear stories of the teachers not being paid or paying less than promised. They may make you pay tax when you legally don’t, and they keep it. They promise a lot, and never do it. They don’t have a proper business license, and you might get in trouble. Below are a few things to watch out for.

If you teach at the school and there are very few students be wary, they may be out of money and not able to pay you. If they seem to be avoiding you, they probably are so take note. This does happen. Usually the answer is they ran out of money. They started a company and thought they would make a million dollars. But it turns out they went broke and now are totally out of funds. Do they continue to take one year teaching fees from students even though they will close tomorrow? Of course. It is impossible to 100% avoid this, and it may happen to you so be prepared. This is a very common story in China.

Giving you a degree – Many teachers did not finish or go to University. Since they don’t have a degree, some schools will get them a fake degree in order to apply for a working visa. NEVER accept this. 5 years ago I heard of a school being raided by police for hiring teachers without working visas. When they went through the records they found a good number of the teachers had fake degrees. The school said they know nothing about this and the teachers must have done this on their own. The police then put this on the teachers. Most of them disappeared quickly.