Food in China

Food in China is awesome, and it’s a lot better if you know where to eat and know what you are eating. Sometimes if you know what you are eating, well, it’s not so wonderful. Depending on where you are, some areas of China eat everything. In the south of China Northerners say they eat everything except the table.

China is vast, so vast that it is the size of Europe. Like in Europe with many countries and food variations you will find the same in China. From north to south tastes vary drastically. Enjoy the tastes and styles.

Overall there are three important elements to Chinese food preparation; presentation, smell and taste. This creates one hell of an experience at a local restaurant.

China has an “Eight Famous Cuisines” list, I have added a few I also love that are not on the list. You will find in China they have many “Eight XXXX”. They like to list what they like.

First please read the ‘What the hell is in this?’ Page. It’s a good warning and probably will keep you from getting really sick.

What the hell is in this?

Street Food

Dongbei Cuisine – Northern food

Xin Jiang – Kebabs Anyone?

The “Eight Famous Cuisines” Below

Sichuan Cuisine – Ready for the Spicy?

Guangdong Cuisine – Hong Kong and the South

Shandong Cuisine



Fujian Cuisine


Hunnan Cuisine – Spicy as it comes