Guest Blog

China is a big place and it would take me many lifetimes to get to every city, let alone write a good content for every magical place in China.

Heres were you can help and benefit.  If you are interested in posting a guest blog on the site please contact me and let me know what you have in mind.

What would be expected on a guest blog?

  • Good content of the city you are in to help visitors get to know more about your experience there
  • Funny stories always welcome
  • Pictures, vistors log picture blogs, the more pics the better
  • Your thoughts about living in China
  • Useful travel information to help future travelers travel cheap and more effectively


What do you get?

  • Your name and contact info in the blog
  • A link to your site in the blog
  • A link to your site on our “Great Travel Blogs” page
  • More traffic to your site through the link and contact info
  • If you want I can guest blog on your site


To guest blog please write me at