Huludao, Liaoning, Top 5 Reasons to Visit

Huludao is located in Liaoning province in the northeast of China known as “Dong Bei”.  Huludao is blessed with a great location on the beach with multiple nice beaches to hang out in the summer.  It may have beaches but its in the north of China, so the weather is cold and only a few months are good for enjoying the sun.  Go in July and August for the best beach weather, all other times of the year are perfect for checking out the local fishing city and kick back with the locals.

Many days in Huludao may look polluted but now fear this is only the Ocean fog rolling in.  The air quality in Huludao well surpasses the large cities in Quality.  Staying in the city is relatively priced, less than 200RMB will get you a decent place to crash, but be wary of the seafood, it can be expensive especially if you don’t check the menu.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Huludao

1. Beaches

Huludao has two great beaches that during the summer months offer the perfect spot to escape from the city.  While on the beach soak up the rays or hop an an ATV and cruise down the beach.  Many actives are available from horse back riding to hover crafting on the ocean.  The season is short and it’s suggested to go in July and August for the best weather.  June is still way too cold.  Remember, this is Dong Bei!

Longwan Beach

Longwan Beach in Huludao

Longwan Beach in Huludao

Xingcheng Beach

Xingcheng beach, not so pretty in June, but it gets a whole lot better in July

Xingcheng beach, not so pretty in June, but it gets a whole lot better in July

2. Juehuadao

Juehuadao is a spectacular island that can be reached from Huludao.  It’s about a 40 minute ferry ride and will cost you 90RMB round trip.  The island has a fishing village, beaches, hotels, restaurants and spectacular views of the ocean.  Not too much to do in the off season if you stay so plan on the last ferry that leaves at 5pm.  Grab starfish for 1RMB, get a local fish dish and photograph the boats laying on the sea bed during low tide.  Best thing to do while in Huludao.

Juehuadao, or Juehua Island, boats on the ocean bed in low tide

Juehuadao, or Juehua Island, boats on the ocean bed in low tide

3. Fishing Villages

Check out the fishing village in Juehuadao and also the scattered boats along the coast, makes for a great photo op.  If you get the chance hang with the locals and grab a boat to hit the seas fishing, very popular in the summer and the best time to real in a prize is in the cold season of November.

Fishing village in Juehuadao

Fishing village in Juehuadao

4. The Great Wall

Here the Great Wall passes through and crosses the Daqing river, the only spot in the whole great span of the Great Wall.

5. Local Flavors

Hit the local restaurants to try the local grub.  Seafood and fish are obviously on the menu but choose your eatery carefully.  Make sure they are cooking up fresh catch and check the menu for pricing, seafood does not come cheap even at the sea.  Also try the local “Dong Bei” food, especially the Pork and noodles dish known as “Zhu Rou Dui Fen Tiao”, it’s awesome.

Local fish prepared in Huludao

Local fish prepared in Huludao

Port and noodles "ZhuRouDuiFenTiao" the Northern Speciality

Port and noodles “ZhuRouDuiFenTiao” the Northern Speciality

Ok, now that you are all pumped up to hit the beaches sporting that new bikini you ordered on Taobao (local online shopping in China) the next question is how to get there.  Simple, get tickets leaving from the Beijing Train Station and get the ticket for the bullet train (Gao Tie), it will be a bit over 3 hours and cost a bit over 100RMB.   This trip can be done as a weekend trip and stay the night or it could be done all in one day.

Bullet Train "GaoTie" to Huludao

Bullet Train “GaoTie” to Huludao

The train will stop at Huludaobei (north station).  Easiest is to grab a cab for around 30 to 40RMB to the beaches.

Got a better Top 5?  Something I missed?  Let me know and post below.


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