How to navigate the waters living in China. Over the past decade I have been living in China. The first year was trial by fire learning how everything worked from renting and apartment, places to hang out, sports, to what I was really eating. Some of these items may sounds a bit shocking, but all are essential to know. Learn more about my experience, and hopefully this will help you have the edge from the second you step off the plane (or train as I did).

First let’s talk about food, as we all know Chinese food is a worldwide item. But it’s actually very different than what you may already know. The last time I was in the USA I ordered “Hui Guo Rou” and I have no clue what they gave me, and I even said it in Chinese! Click here to learn the great things and things to avoid, like DiGouYou! Oh, god, this oil is amazingly disgusting.

Apartments – having a comfortable place to lie your head is essential to a good long term experience here, and the choices are amazing. Starting from sharing a room to $10,000USD per month the choices are abundant. Check out the housing section here and learn the difference between a HuTong, MingZhai and GongYu.

Registration – Temporary registration at the police station and Embassy registration.

Get a Mobile Phone Number

Transportation – From subways, to buses and taxis there are plenty of ways to get around in China.

Nightlife – and it is a bit crazy here. Read stories about what happens and night and where all those foreigners spend all their hard earned cash at night.

Local scams – Yeah, you probably think “Oh, that won’t happen to me” but you would be surprised how effective they can be. Be careful, here are some warnings on scams, and some of them are very dangerous and you need to seriously watch out. Everything from scamming tea to lost organs.