Nightlife in China

Nightlife in major cities in China is very active. In cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong you will find many drinking streets usually with one major night area. These include nightclubs, bars and everything young visitors are looking for.

Outside of drinking there is also plenty of entertainment in major cities including plays, Chinese opera, movies and much more.

In smaller cities this will be much less. In very small cities you may not be able to find any nightlife. Chinese locals do not traditionally go to bars and prefer to drink with groups of friends at dinner. It’s common for Chinese colleagues to invite you to a dinner in a nice restaurant and get a private room everyone will “Gan Bei” or “Cheers” for many hours while enjoying dinner.

Just a warning on drinking in China, if the alcohol or shots are cheap be wary. It is more than likely fake alcohol. Drinking fake alcohol can have very bad side effects. The usual bad side effect is a brain splitting headache the next day even after only having a few shots the night before. The worst side effect is blindness or death. Blindness and death are not common when drinking fake alcohols at bars, but you never know when a bad batch of the fake stuff shows up.