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Are you interesting in moving to China but not sure how to do it? Many are interested in moving to China for one year to teach and explore. Searching the net brings up tons of information, but it all cant be trusted. Most posts found on search engines are agents or companies that profit off of you and they could care less about how things are once you arrive as long as they make a buck.


This guide book has been developed to avoid an agonizing situation and ensure the best experience possible. I have collected all the information through a decade of experience teaching in China, experiences from friends and working in the industry. Over my decade here I have talked to thousands of teachers and heard stories from nightmares to dream jobs. After finishing this guide you will be ahead of the game and gain insights that can take years to learn through first hand experiences. You won’t find all this information online because agents don’t want you to know these details, it can prevent them from make more money off placing you.

An example tip, most jobs offered online are agents and companies placing potential new teachers into jobs. They make money off of commissions for placing you and the lower your salary is the more they get. The worse the teaching situations the more they get. But they won’t tell you that, it doesn’t sell well. Ensure the best experience teaching in China.

Why should you buy this guidebook?

Number one reason, I make no money, commission profit on placing you in a teaching job. I was not paid to include any information in the book, in fact as you will see many of the suggested ways do not include schools. All the advice in this book is from first hand experience and I make nothing if you follow it or not. This is exactly the opposite of what you will find searching the net.
Safety, this will ensure your safety teaching knowing what schools could put you in dangerous situations.
It’s a decade of first hand experiences. You could go for it and try yourself and after a few years and thousands if not 10′s of thousands of lost dollars or missed out income you will gain the same knowledge.
Your planning to move to China, the ticket there is not cheap alone and it’s an investment, the book cost is nothing compared to what you will save.
Save thousands and make thousands more in the first 6 months alone teaching.
What’s included in the guidebook?

You will learn how to find the best job for you. There are many jobs out there and based on preferences the guidebook will help determine which suits you.
Learn how to make more teaching. Learn how to make 500RMB to 1000RMB per hour teaching English, know your value and how to make more.
Know how to get a job even if you don’t have a degree, even in Beijing or Shanghai.
Learn how to get a job easy and fast by sending the resume they want, now what you think they want.
Learn how to have a safe trip and avoid any dangerous experiences teaching abroad

Know how to find jobs that fit you
Know what kind of job is being offered
Know about agents/job placement and how that all works
Know how much you deserve to make
Know about working contracts
Know about Qualifications
Know about visas
Know how to format your resume to get the job you want
Know about school scams
Know about TEFL
Know where to look for jobs
Know how to get the job once you find it online
Know the core basics of lesson planning
And more!

Teaching abroad guide books in the market are focused on the worldwide view of teaching, this does not apply to China. China, like in other aspects is unique and they have their own system and ways of doing things. This is the same for teaching English. There are many rules that you may find searching and in most cases this is not how things actually work here.

For example most sites say you need a degree to teach in Beijing. In reality probably half the teachers in Beijing don’t have a degree and they are doing just fine.

Anyone can teach English in China. This is for a few reasons. The main reason is the demand, there are 400 million Chinese learning English and the supply of teachers simply is not enough. With demand came schools popping up to profit off the opportunity. It can be tricky to understand what schools to trust and which schools will stiff you on two months pay. From first hand experience this book offers local advice

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