Salary Expectations

Like any job, this depends on experience. Also you have to ask yourself what do you want to get out of this experience?

Things go consider

What do you want out of this experience? Amazing learning experience?

What is the living standard? How well do I live on this salary?

What are the perks? Travel the world?

How difficult is the job? Some pay upwards of 22,000RMB or more, but you will be required to work to as late as 10pm or later on a weekly basis.

Depending on the company, many local Chinese companies do pay lower than the US or Europe. If you are looking for a high salary, going the international company route is probably the best.

So what to expect? You can expect anything from 10,000RMB at the lowest. If the company is offering less, I would not go for it. From this you can get much more based on your experience. In general 12,000RMB to 15,000RMB is pretty normal if you have any experience. For 15,000RMB you can live well.

Now if you have many years of international experience and a specific skill, say engineering, you can expect to get more. The sky can be the limit on this, but I know many that get paid 25,000RMB to 35,000RMB per month. Getting these jobs will be more targeted, and may be international company jobs.

Simply said, if you are working at a local Chinese company you will get paid less. But on the other hand your experience may be more valuable in the future. Also, you will get the chance to learn Chinese, get more experience and learn more. The Chinese company can not hire that experienced manager with 15 years working experiences in ‘blah blah’. But they need a foreigner to fill the position. So you can grab this chance to get this experience and position, much faster than you would in your home country.

Also Chinese local salaries are not high. You may be getting 5 times more than the person you work with, and they do the same amount of work. Chinese companies find it hard to justify to pay too much more for foreigners than locals. There will be a limit, and even if you think the salary is low it may be very high for the company.

When you interview consider the experience and how it will affect your future. It may be a good idea to take a lower salary now to benefit your future.

Also a note on Chinese salaries, locals may get a very low starting salary when they start, say 3,000 or 4,000RMB, even if they studied abroad they may get 6,000. After one year this can be doubled after a goof performance revue. Getting a good salary can be about time, the longer you stay the better it gets as long as you perform.