Schools in China

Teaching in China involves a complex working of schools. Sometimes, this word ‘school’ may have been used loosely, they are not the ‘schools’ you would always expect. Many kinds of schools exists in China, and may of these pop up purely to make profit, sometimes in an almost manipulating way.

Many entrepreneurs in China know that Chinese parents spend upwards of 30% of their incomes on on their children’s education. And they are quick to take advantage of this opportunity by setting up overnight English schools in all areas. These owners sometimes know nothing about teaching, heck, most don’t even speak a word of English. But they are the owner and run the schools you may possibly work for. They hire managers that are friends, sometimes also with little to no English ability, let alone teaching. They hire ‘white’ teachers, like many of you, or ‘foreign’ people, and say they are experts, even if they did not teach a class in their life, who knows, maybe they didn’t even finish high school. Now, this is not every school, but these are quite common.

Here are a list of kinds of English schools that exist. Each of us chooses based on many factors such as education, living area, experience and how flexible we are and they are. Listed in each school type is: What to expect, salary expectations, education required, visas required and general tips if it’s for you.

Tutoring Schools


Public Sector Schools

Language Schools

Large Chain Language schools

University Jobs