Teaching China Visas

Many ask “What kind of visa do I need to teach in China?” Well, that is complex question, and most of this complexity revolves around ‘how brave are you?’

I say that because around 70% or maybe more of teachers in China are staying on visas that are NOT legal. This is not always their fault, in fact it can be quite difficult to get the officially legal Z visa in China, or the teacher does not have all the needed requirements.

Ah, now you wonder, what are the requirements? For a Z visa you should have: A degree, this is a must. 2 years experience in your field, in this case teaching. In many cases the applicant will need enough money and time to get to Beijing, find a school, travel to Hong Kong to change the visa and come back, so you may need funds.

And once you get the visa, suddenly you have to pay legal tax. This means less money. Many don’t want the visa simply not to pay tax. “Why should I pay tax, you should pay me more!” they scream. This I never understood, first they say “I want to be legal”. OK, so now you are legal. “I don’t want to pay tax”. Oh, god, haven’t you heard, there are only two things you can’t avoid, tax and death. But that is another story. Back to visas.

For a Z visa you will need a degree, 2 years experience and a school that will hire you. This means the school can hire you. Many schools, English schools with foreign teachers actually do not have the proper business license to hire foreigners. Yes, you need a special license to hire foreigners.