Teaching Hours

You might not have guessed, but teaching hours and days are in most cases not your standard 9 to 5. Most of the schools are not formal government schools. These are extra lessons taken by students and professionals. And guess what, from 9 to 5 they are either at school or working to pay for the class.


A lot of classes are at night. It is very common to teach from 3pm to 8pm, or later. Once getting used to it the time can be good. If you like to enjoy the night life, then it fits well. It’s also important to have friends working on these hours. If your spouse, loved ones or friends work on a different schedule it can be tough.


Yep, those students and professionals are free on the weekends, so that is when you will do a majority of your teaching. Saturdays are commonly the most busy day of the week.

So your wondering, do I teach everyday? You have a teachers weekend, on Monday and Tuesday. And as mentioned above, this will lead to your friends working on similar schedules.