Teaching in China can be a rewarding experience. You are offered the opportunity to mold young minds, teach the youth, meet great people, make a good living and teach at great schools. This is if you choose right.

Or, like many the hell stories I have heard, you could be stuck at a crappy school, get paid next to nothing, live in the middle of nowhere, live in a room with 3 or 4 other foreigners on bunk beds, eat bad food, teach 50 hours a week and pray to god you could get your butt out of that hell hole school.

Let’s hope for the first situation, yeah? The reality is, if you are Googling around for teaching gigs and not in China, no nothing about the school, in reality you have no clue if they are telling the truth. What do you think they are going to say? “We have a run down school with a thousand kids in the middle of bumblefuck and we won’t pay you shit or feed you well, want to come?” Well, I don’t know about you but that does seem like a bad advertisement, so they fudge things a little. And guess what, lots of teachers end up in these conditions. Some, god rest their soles, don’t make it out. You seriously have to be careful.

The information provided on this page, in the posts and the teaching stories are to best those who are planning to come to China and have an AMAZING experience. Will it be a little crazy? Sure, that is why you come to China, right? But let’s keep it safe and clean and get a good job teaching.

Schools in China

TEFL AND TESOL – Do I need this or am I wasting money?

China Visas – What visa to I need to teach?

Teaching Hours

Education – Do I need a degree to teach?

Common practice ‘fibs’ in Schools, roles you may have to play

Salary Expectations

Native Speaker – Do I have to be a native speaker to teach in China?

Can I teach students that do not speak English? I don’t speak Chinese!

Cities to teach in and what to expect

Dodgy Schools