Temporary Registration

Temporary registration is required within 24 hours of moving into your apartment, or wherever you live.

This is very easy to get, and you should get this soon after renting your apartment.

To get the temporary registration you will need to go to the local police department. It is usually pretty close but ask anyone locally and they will know were it is.

You will need to take your passport, lease agreement (contact), and they will want the landlords ID card copy and ownership book copy. When you enter the police station they will know exactly what you are there for and point you in the direction of the registration department. In most cases you won’t even need to say a word, just hand them the paper work. They might want to call the landlord so have the landlord’s mobile phone number stored on your phone.

They will give you a small printed-paper and ask you to sign it and return the copy of the temporary registration. Keep this paper stored, as you will need this to apply for a new visa.

Embassy/Citizen Registration/Enrollment

If you are a US citizen you can go to US Citizens Enrollment online http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn/acsreg.html to register. Also you can register at a local embassy or consulate. I would suggest this so they have a record of where you are incase of any emergencies. Also they send you updates when there is a notice, for example notices I have received where about Avian Flu, High Pollution alerts or alerts on traveling.

If you are from another country I would highly suggest visiting your embassy website or local embassy to register.