Types of Jobs Working In China

What kind of jobs would you do in China? Just like Teaching the first thought may be that you don’t speak Chinese. Not a problem.

As China explodes there is one key factor they are lacking, experience. In Beijing the China Silicon Valley is booming in Zhong Guan Cun. As it booms, one thing is evident; they lack the experience and knowledge to bring these products to the world. They have the resources and base to expand, but need talent.

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin are just a few of the cities that are in hot demand of foreign talents. China is booming. Think of the USA in the 1930s, or even earlier. During this time the USA attracted talent to develop and market products worldwide. China is now in the same process working to attract foreign talents.

For the Chinese, many students study abroad to get this knowledge, and return to find a promising future. But the demand is far more than the supply and they are in desperate need of talented work. Chinese companies in many cases are clamoring to get good talented foreigners to help them expand their operations in the future.

First, I will mention jobs at domestic Chinese companies, as these vary from international players.

Jobs are abundant in all areas. What talents do you posses from your current job? Chances are those can be applied at a company in China, and in a big way. Many find when they first arrive their talents are more advanced than the local knowledge, instantly making a lower level programmer in Europe to an expert in China.

Jobs in all areas exist. But there is one very large category that is untapped and very much needed within Chinese companies, marketing and sales. Many companies in China want to become international players, but lack the foreign talent to do so. Due to this most companies are open to hiring a foreigner to work on expanding their markets internationally. These jobs apply to all industries. If you already have experience in one industry, there is a good chance you can land a job in a local company applying that knowledge to marketing and sales.

Why do Chinese companies need foreigner? Simply put, marketing and trust require trust. Trust is the most import factor in business deals, and when dealing with large players they have to trust you can deliver. If you speak the local language this helps to establish trust faster. Knowing the local customs, food, business ettiqutte and the overall ins and outs of local business are key. Many locals may speak English or Spanish, but not on the same level or with the same accents.

An example of this in my case comes from business trips. In the UK we may have a meeting and my colleagues did not understand what the customer asked for. They look at me as my colleague goes into a long-winded speech about something completely different, and they look to me and say “Gregory, can you explain?” This would lead me into another explanation and the customer nodding, and liking the process. It may be a simple word that was not understood, or a heavy accent, but it’s all in the details and that little mistake loses deals.

Accents play a huge role. While many locals may be able to understand American English they become very lost with other accents. India is another world; I have sat through 2-hour meetings where my colleagues did not even get the basic meaning, and after some time stopped listening. Language ability plays a massive role in business partnership and expansion.

Overall this sets foreigner in the perfect place to work at locals companies to help them expand, working in marketing and sales.

Jobs in all industries are available. I suggest you look at your experience and then apply that to finding a job in the industry.

Working for an international company with an HQ in another country, these companies are also looking to hire. These job positions are broad, but I would suggest looking for one of these jobs in your home country, and then to be transferred to China. This will work out better for conditions and salary.