Looking for a job outside of teaching in China? When I first arrived teaching was great, but I out grew the job, and wanted a job that I could advance my future, and travel. Here is more information on how to get a job outside of teaching in China, demand, what to expect and much more.

The first step is to look for work outside of teaching. As you might expect China has a huge export market, with new companies popping up daily and huge amounts of resources behind them. And guess what, they want to sell to foreign countries, probably to your home country. Over the years I have worked with colleagues from Iceland, France, Brazil, Mozambique, USA, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan and a whole slew of other far off places. As it turned out it may be easier for non native speakers to pick up professional work, and just as easy for native speakers.

Working here you can expect to pick up a job with companies that are growing, and sometimes huge international companies.

Types of Jobs in China

Why you are fit for a job in China

Chinese Companies versus International Companies

China Visas

Salary Expectations

Language Requirements

Salary and Contract Basics – Salary, Annual Leave, Insurance and more

Read on about my experiences in the work place, and how to find your own.